About Us

In The City Sudan is a unique marketing and advertising initiative that serves over several media and has become a multifunctional household brand and marketing vehicle that began in 2007 as a guide to the city of Khartoum and the tripartite states. In The City focuses on reflecting a positive image of Khartoum while highlighting the city’s heritage, culture, and arts, and exposing the Sudanese and international audiences to alternative things to do, experience, learn, and develop in Sudan by keeping its followers up-to-date on cultural activities, tourism opportunities and promoting the various arts, culture and non-profit initiatives as well as focusing on locally relevant content.

In The City Sudan brand has spread and established itself across the following media:
• In The City Sudan magazine • In The City Events • In The City Online

In The City Sudan is a subsidiary of Khogali and Shoush International LLC. Produced by Studio 1.

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