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Our advertisers reach a targeted readership that is representative of the entire Khartoum community. In The City Sudan Magazine is placed in over 200 locations throughout the city, with even a few locations in Khartoum North and Omdurman as well. These distribution points include high-traffic locations, such as coffee shops, restaurants, and stores to name a few. We are also the only free publication allowed placement inside major corporations. We also target visitors to our Khartoum by placing our magazine in embassies, taxi cabs, hotel rooms and several hotel lobbies each month.

Consistency: Expect us every month, same time, same up to date and high quality content
Distribution: A strong distribution network means you will always reach your target market with In The City Sudan!

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• An updated, informative website with high traffic of interactive content and visitors
• Browse and download In The City Sudan magazine and other media 24/7
• Strong following on facebook and twitter of the latest activities and events in Sudan

In The City Events

Impact your target market with the best and most direct consumer marketing and an opportunity for corporate social responsibility with In The City bi-monthly cultural entertainment based events. In The City Events provide a platform for creative development and growth for youth and local talent that can further bridge the gap between the corporate sector and consumers from the community.

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